nFold - Agency Network

The Recruiter Agency network for the design conscious.

We are a platform that enables a community of Recruiters to share vetted top candidates between each other to improve placements.

Our belief is that recruiters add tremendous value by speaking with job seekers and that this value can be realized through a networked marketplace.

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Platform Launch in...

nFold is a private and secure platform for Recruiters to share vetted candidates with each other. 

User Experience is important to us and for our users to trust our platform we are building Privacy and Trust first. 

Our Beta Wait-list is about vetting our users to so that when you join the platform you will have a great experience.

Machine Learning on Audio

Our platform uses machine learning to fast forward the matching process by analyzing the audio data of conversations and the text within the Job Docs.

Privacy First

The information that is exchanged is kept private and within the GDPR Framework.

Candidate Experience

Our platform focuses on creating a great experience for all our users. 

Beta Launch

We are nearing the end of the Beta Launch period and we are looking for forward thinking recruiters and recruitment agencies to explore how this marketplace can grow their business!

Additional Services

We believe that our marketplace can drive a strong network of specialists to work together to make great placements for great candidates

Machine Learning

Our continued focus will be on using Machine Learning to automate and improve administrative tasks for our users so that they can do more of the things they love!

Our  Team and our story

We are three crazy and passionate developers and data scientists from South Africa excited about creating opportunities in recruitment to improve hiring for all of our users.

We've built a handful of text processing technologies for recruiters on our journey and recently we joined the first  European AI Accelerator (

Marko Jak
Marko Jak
Business Development and worst Coffee Maker
Philip Marais
Philip Marais
Obsessive Product Manager
Nick Martin
Nicholas Martin
Machine Learning Lead and "Asker of difficult questions"

Tel: +31 64 276 8038

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we try to answer all emails within 24 hours on business days.

Ask for the Rockstart Accelerator space if you decide to pop by and then come up stairs to have a coffee with us!